Casino On Net Review

The first best online casino at the moment is Casino on Net. This online casino is owned by 888. If you are somewhat familiar to online casino and gambling, then I’m sure you’ve heard of 888 before. It is the same company that runs Pacific Poker, pretty much the most popular online poker site. In conclusion this means that, again, you are dealing with a very professional company. Ofcourse this is true for all of the online casino sites listed here, because otherwise the online casino would never end up to be successfull.

Their software is unfortunately not something to write home about. With such a professional online casino operation you would figure they have the best online casino software. And don’t get me wrong, the techinal side of the software is sublime. It’s more that their online casino is lacking in overall layout and also in games. It features most standard games that an online casino should have. But that’s it. Roulette, Black Jack, Video Poker and a few slots. And the games that they do have, are not really that visually appealing. When I tried this online casino it didn’t give me an exciting feeling while playing. The online casino sites mentioned earlier sure did. That’s probably because Casino on Net uses an inhouse software company to design their online casino software, while Vegas Red and Casino Tropez use a professional third party company to provide the online casino.

So why is this online casino in the top three? That is mainly because it is simply the most experienced online casino out there. Online casino has been here for a bit longer than the other sites. It’s just too bad that their software was never updated with new exciting online casino games. Their support, however, is great. Friendly people to deal with. Everything from getting their software to making your first deposit to start playing, is all done very easily with the help of their support and easy to use software interface.

Online Casino – In conclusion, if you are looking for the most experience online casino, then Pacific Poker is where you go to. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that their online casino software is rather boring and that it only features the standard games that online casino sites feature. Their first deposit bonus is average. If you deposit $100, you get $200 (100%). The maximum bonus this online casino will give is $100 though. So even when you deposit $800, you get $900 in total. Good online casino, not so good gameplay.

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