Crypto casino sites

Cryptocurrency is a convenient and simple payment instrument that is gaining popularity all over the world. If you want to explore gambling sites that work with crypto, our ranking provides a complete list of such online casinos.

Establishments that accept cryptocurrency are called Bitcoin casinos or crypto casinos, sometimes blockchain casinos. Most often, they work with several different currencies, allowing users to play the way they want: LTC, ETH, ADA, sometimes even SHIB.

Top crypto casinos: what are their features?

Crypto casino online

Cryptocurrency is becoming one of the most convenient payment systems for gambling sites. It has a number of important advantages over other payment methods:

  • Crypto can be used as a payment method and account currency instead of the standard currency.
  • Complete anonymity, security and decentralization, which many users like.

Cryptocurrency casinos are no different from ordinary ones. But they have an additional payment system – bitcoin or other digital currencies, the features of which are described in the rules of the gaming site.

Now, let’s mention the best crypto casinos today.

Top 3 crypto casinos

Oshi Casino

Oshi is a Bitcoin casino with a high level of security, which is licensed to operate in the field of gambling.


  • Free game mode. The user can master the selected options before risking their own money.
  • The safety of casino games is ensured with the help of the provable fairness option – a good protection against fraud.
  • Positive administration. The player can always contact the casino management in case of questions or misunderstandings.
  • Bonuses for beginners, regular promotions with interesting prizes and favorable conditions.
  • English, Russian and Turkish casino language options.
  • Use on mobile devices.
  • Lots of different games for every taste. There are options for playing with live dealers.
  • The casino has a special VIP section with limited access. Here you can play with higher stakes, get access.
  • Lots of payment options. You can make deposits both in fiat currency (in particular, euros) and in crypto.
  • Convenient user manual, constantly updated.


  • Restrictions on withdrawals. We recommend checking in advance how to use bonuses and what bets to place.

7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino is a simple and convenient casino.


  • Simple and intuitive website design.
  • There is a license for gambling.
  • A large number of different games – in the case of 7Bit bitcoin casino, their number reaches 500.
  • Bonuses for the first deposits and the presence of a referral program.
  • Convenient deposits and withdrawals from casino accounts. There is a limit on amounts: from 10 to 4000 euros or dollars.
  • Excellent support service for bitcoin casino users – 24 hours a day


  • None

Bitstarz Casino

BitStarz is an online gambling casino that does not work with bookmaker bets and in particular with sports competitions.


  • Having a license. The license of this bitcoin casino is issued by the government of the island of Curacao – they are very convenient for gambling.
  • There is a provable honesty algorithm.
  • Games are possible both with an electronic system and with live casino dealers.
  • Availability of a convenient affiliate program.
  • Permanent bonuses, not only for the first deposit, but also for all subsequent ones. The size of bonuses depends on the amount of the deposit and the number of games.
  • Deposit options not only for bitcoins, but also for fiat money.


  • Commissions on all transactions.

Introduction to online casino games

Introduction to online casino games

Tips and Tricks for Playing Slots

One of the main categories in online casinos is slot machines. In popularity, no other game can compare with this type of entertainment. Initially, slot machines were 3 reels with symbols. Bells, fruits, and, of course, the joker, were the carriers of winning combinations. Today, technological progress has stepped far forward, and not only 3 reel slots, but 5, 6 reel slot machines await you. In addition, many slots have appeared among the slots offering a progressive jackpot.

The reason for the high popularity of slot machines is the simple rules of the game. Moreover, you can play slot machines without registration, using the demo version. Strategies and tactics in dealing with slots rarely help. The only way to win is to constantly feed the device with tokens and patiently wait for the desired combination to appear with a symbol. Slowly, purposefully, investing a little bit. Only in this way can you expect to hit a good jackpot! Check out the best online casino reviews on

A bit about playing blackjack. Game Highlights

A blackjack guide will be useful to those categories of players who prefer online board games. This game is very popular and well known in the world. The gameplay itself is also interesting, which can not do without the use of certain techniques. Blackjack tactics are knowledge of the specifics of the game, which includes a number of manipulations based on a basic strategy.’

During the game, you need to know when you should double the bet or triple, at what point a couple of cards need to be split, when you need to give up the game or insure your bet.

Using a competently basic blackjack strategy, a player can reduce the casino’s advantage in the game. However, you should always remember that in board games the game is not played against partners at the table, but against the casino that the dealer represents.

Roulette Guide

The traditional trend of any gambling establishment is roulette. The magic spinning wheel gathers around itself players of all stripes, experienced regulars and green beginners. As a rule, casinos offer to play two types of games, European roulette and its overseas version – the American cousin. The American version is more popular due to the additional cell “00”.

On the online casino platform, this version of the game is popular, especially when players are offered to play the game in video format. The functionality conveys a practically real wheel, and a real croupier and excellent graphics create great gaming sensations. If we talk about strategy and tactics, then roulette is one of the few games that absolutely does not lend itself to any analysis and forecasting. The only effective option is to make bets, in no hurry, not to try to have time to jump into the next round. More detailed information on the rules of the game is in a special section on our website.

The long-awaited online poker in video mode

The poker game itself is interesting and exciting. Proof of this popularity is the constantly occupied poker tables in gambling establishments. On the websites of online casinos there is always a place for those who want to fight in the game of poker.

Video poker is a 5-card version of the game. In the current version, players are offered an improved version based on classic poker and its automated variations.

However, unlike poker on slots, a video game has its own subtleties and nuances. Moreover, in this game there are a variety of strategies to break the bank and beat the casino. The most famous strategies for video poker are as follows:

One option for playing poker is Texas Hold’em. To play online, a deck of 52 cards is used, and the essence of the gameplay is to oppose not the other players, but the casino. The winner is determined by who has the best poker hand.

Advanced strategy (focused on beginners). The essence of the strategy is the absence of useless risk. Only the combination that has the highest chance of winning is collected;
Jacks or Better is a strategy for this variation of the game. The meaning of the method is the correct exchange of cards, thanks to which the chances of winning are increased;
The strategy for Deuces Wild video poker is to exchange cards, which take into account deuces (equated to a joker);

All American suggests the largest bet with the hope of receiving Royal Flash during the game.

Baccarat Online Gambling Guide

Playing baccarat in an online casino is significantly different from playing in a real gambling establishment. The main difference is the equal rights of all participants. You can play with large amounts on the account, as well as with a small bankroll. The goal of the game is to get nine using two or three cards for this. You can play for yourself, for a draw or for the bank.

You can use the strategy only if each subsequent bet allows you to return lost bets in the previous round if you win. Tactics in baccarat are based on the right choice of bets. To play for a draw is to remain in the red all the time. Play for the bank, a chance to save your bankroll from major losses.

Craps or dice – a guide to action

After blackjack, poker and baccarat, craps is rightly considered a popular gamble for online casino customers, they are also dice. They especially like to play dice overseas and in Australia. The main thing is to correctly place bets and hope for a successful throw of stones. Why this game is popular among players. The fact is that the casino has the smallest advantage in dice. Those. when playing dice, players have the best chance of winning.

Craps Sic is one of a kind of game. The main difference from traditional craps is the use of three dice. The principle of the game is approximately the same as in ordinary craps, however, the chances of players to win in front of the casino in this case are significantly increased.

Keno and Bingo Lottery Guide

Keno is one of the few games in which a casino has a practically maximum percentage of advantage. Despite this, the game remains popular among users of online services. The reason is that this game has the simplest and most understandable rules. To participate in the game, you need to select some numbers and expect that these numbers will drop out during the drawing. The strategy in this case is practically absent, since the combination of numbers falls out completely by accident. Keno online game is always in the TOP online casino games.

The next known variant of the online lottery is Bingo. Players like this game because it allows them to relax and just fix the numbers that appear during the rally. No strategy and tactics, but pure luck and luck.

Europa Casino Review

Europa casino review
This is a very new online casino site amongst the best ones. It could very well become the best online casino.

First impressions are that Europa’s online casino software lobby is probably the most attractive I’ve ever seen. You are welcomed by relaxing music and an animated water fountain sculpture, surrounded by several famous European landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the leaning tower of Pisa. I also like Europa’s blue tables – not that I don’t like the classic ‘color of money’ green – but it’s a refreshing change and a nice touch.

I always look forward to trying a new online casino, and Europa’s realistic graphics are crisp, rich and welcoming with 71 games powered by cutting-edge Playtech software – so you are assured of top quality software. They have many different online casino games for you to choose from. Very orignal ones too, there are fun to play.

Another perk to playing at Europa online casino is the generous Comp Points Program. The more you wager, the more online casino points you get, that you can then cash in at any time. Comps make a real difference to your bank roll whether you’re a small player or a high roller, so Europa scores top marks there. Europa is also owned by an established group with a great online casino reputation, so rest assured that your winnings will be paid on time and in full.

No other online casino has so many unique games like Casino Europe. For example, see the Penalty Shoutout in the snapshot. They have absolutely the best games and like I said could very well become the next best online casino. Have fun.

Monaco Gold Casino Review

Monaco Gold Online casino are known for their live games. It is their Blackjack, Sic Bo, Baccarat, and Roulette that comes to life with the live dealers. Monaco Gold knows what its players are looking for, real casino play. The live online casino games can be played 24/7 with attractive and friendly dealers. There is no waiting for card shuffling, and results, of wins are immediate. Playtech makes sure that Monaco Gold has good gaming for their players, through fast connections.

Also, whatever online casino game you want to play, it’s possible at MonacoGold. From BlackJack to Roulette to dozens of other Table Games, SlotMachines, Video Poker games, Progressive Jackpot Games, Live Games and so on. Each of these online casino games make you feel like you’re in a real casino. The great part is that you will be fully concentrated while playing, this is because you won’t have to deal with the noise that other people make. Also, you won’t have to wait 10 minutes at a roulette table before it spins.

The software of Monaco Gold is again backed by PlayTech, this ensures high quality.

They have a lot of Deposit and Withdrawel options, including: Master, Visa, Neteller, InstaCash, EcoCard, InstaDebit, UseMyBank, Firepay, Moneybookers, Bank Draft, Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Click2Pay and more.

MonacoGold offers great bonus options for new players:
– Deposit $5000, and get $1000 free.
– Get 25% free on your deposit (up to $200!)
– Get 40% free on ALL second deposits.

Their bonus is one of the best if you compare it against other online casino sites.

Vegas Red Casino Review

Vegas Red casino review
The second best online casino is Vegas Red. This online casino also has their software backed by PlayTech (a third party company). This ensures that the casino software is of very high quality. And you can see that for yourself by checking out the snapshots of their online casino below. Vegas Red is a very good online casino.

The Vegas Red online casino games don’t differ much from the Casino Tropez ones (see above). Ofcourse they are all quality games which feature rich graphics. From card and table games to live games, and from video slots to board games. If you want to play it, it’s possible at Vegas Red.

Ofcourse with this online casino, it’s also possible to open a fun account with playmoney before you start to play with real money. But when you do decide to deposit money, Vegas Red will double your deposit with 100% (up to $888). The $888 is very interesting for experienced online casino players. This means that if you deposit $888, the online casino will double your deposit so that you will have over $1700 to play with. Most online casino bonusses are limited to $100, or sometimes two hundred, but $888 is really unique.

Since they are using PlayTech (just like Casino Tropez), it’s also possible to querie the support anytime you have online casino related question. And the software also includes help files to explain all of the online casino games and its rules.

Basically, Vegas Red doesn’t differ much from Tropez Casino. Both are professional companies and the support is just great at both sites. The one thing that made me list Tropez Casino as the number one online casino is that I simply enjoyed their software more. It has a few more games and the layout is a bit better.

In conclusion Vegas Red is a top online casino and definitely deserves the second place in this online casino list. I recommend this one over Tropez Casino if you are looking for a good first deposit bonus (when your first deposit is over $100). Otherwise, I’d recommend Casino Tropez because of the better online casino software, but that’s just personal taste. Very good online casino.

Golden Palace Casino Review

Golden Palace casino review
The Golden Palace. This is the only online casino worth mentioning that also has ‘real’ casino’s. They made a good choice when they decided to call in PlayTech (which is the same company, the number one and two casino on this site used) to design the software for their online casino. It simply ensures that the software is of a high quality. This online casino software doesn’t feature the unique games of Casino Tropez or Vegas Red, but most standard games are included. The games are of a high quality and feature rich graphics, as you can see from the snapshots.

Online Casino – Do you remember the women who put a tattoo with a website address on her head for $10,000? The tattoo said: ‘’. Golden Palace is a very professional company with a numerous amount of people involved to keep everything running smooth. Golden Palace is dedicated to making your online casino experienced as exciting and rewarding as possible. They combine 24-hr. live support, cutting-edge software and the most advanced security measures available to provide the thrill of Las Vegas from the comfort and safety of your own home, online casino.

Ofcourse with this online casino you can also try their software and games with playmoney before you decide to deposit money and start winning for real. Their bonus is pretty good. If you deposit $100 they will double it with 200%, so this means you will have $300 to play with at their online casino.

Golden Palace might not have the best and most unique games, it must be said that it’s a professional online casino. So if you are not interested in unique and fun casino games to play, then I’d suggest trying this online casino out.

Casino On Net Review

Casino on net review
The first best online casino at the moment is Casino on Net. This online casino is owned by 888. If you are somewhat familiar to online casino and gambling, then I’m sure you’ve heard of 888 before. It is the same company that runs Pacific Poker, pretty much the most popular online poker site. In conclusion this means that, again, you are dealing with a very professional company. Ofcourse this is true for all of the online casino sites listed here, because otherwise the online casino would never end up to be successfull.

Their software is unfortunately not something to write home about. With such a professional online casino operation you would figure they have the best online casino software. And don’t get me wrong, the techinal side of the software is sublime. It’s more that their online casino is lacking in overall layout and also in games. It features most standard games that an online casino should have. But that’s it. Roulette, Black Jack, Video Poker and a few slots. And the games that they do have, are not really that visually appealing. When I tried this online casino it didn’t give me an exciting feeling while playing. The online casino sites mentioned earlier sure did. That’s probably because Casino on Net uses an inhouse software company to design their online casino software, while Vegas Red and Casino Tropez use a professional third party company to provide the online casino.

So why is this online casino in the top three? That is mainly because it is simply the most experienced online casino out there. Online casino has been here for a bit longer than the other sites. It’s just too bad that their software was never updated with new exciting online casino games. Their support, however, is great. Friendly people to deal with. Everything from getting their software to making your first deposit to start playing, is all done very easily with the help of their support and easy to use software interface.

Online Casino – In conclusion, if you are looking for the most experience online casino, then Pacific Poker is where you go to. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that their online casino software is rather boring and that it only features the standard games that online casino sites feature. Their first deposit bonus is average. If you deposit $100, you get $200 (100%). The maximum bonus this online casino will give is $100 though. So even when you deposit $800, you get $900 in total. Good online casino, not so good gameplay.